Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I let last night go

Sorry folks. Well yesterday was an excruciating normal day. We (collective unit) did some errands and ate at Wendys.

Still waiting on birth certificate so I can receive my marriage license. I have just recently typed up my eternal vows to the woman I profess to love. more on this story later jim.

take care,


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Forward to the past Christopher Lloyd!

Currently in two weeks, well now 13 days, I Sean McMullen will be getting married to an amazing woman. I will attempt to chronicle my life up until then depending on availability of computer technology and my own personal will. I love writing and I need to put myself into an enviroment which will challenge me to write. I thrive on pressure. Am I lazy? No, I'm just unmotivated. Sure I don't write about what trick my dog did today or the color of my fiancees sister's bathroom towels but I have my reasons. What is important...and is it worth putting my two dollars worth into it...are the questions I'm asking. Coming this autumn, I will be attending Loyalist College to pursue a diploma in Print Journalism. I'm hoping this program/enviroment will push me to write more then I ever have in my life. I'm interested in ideas and creating within a team but I also love independence. I should probably learn some BIGGER words to infiltrate my current vocabulary as to sound more ingenious.

Good night and good morning you stick.