Friday, August 24, 2007

rocket to the moon and swing around for some more

As usual, I write the vast majority of these blogs in my boxers. Why?... A curious fellow might ask that very same question. The answer is not an easy one to cough up. Maybe it's the complete and absolute freedom I experience from being in this state. Come on internet junkies, you know this all to be true. OK, this blog rant is going nowhere.

In case there was a slight chance you were wondering what music I was listening to right now, I'll tell you... later.

For some reason in my blogs, I also like to mention the current weather conditions and I like to start with 'Man'. Man it is humid in Belleville tonight.

Sufjan Stevens music is becoming more constant in my life. Oh, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy's voice always puts me in state of drifting aimlessly, contemplating life in all it's greatness. Yeah. Neil Young's album Rust Never Sleeps is also a good one. Umm, Bleach as well circa Again for the first time.

I had a tooth pulled yesterday. A back molar. I thought I was going to scream as he was yanking it out but I didn't. I whimpered in the dentist's chair. Who's the man now? Not a pleasant experience.

I work tomorrow from 12-8.

I love my family and I think about them every day I'm alive.

The boxers are gray.

The beard is coming back.

That is all the random trivia I've got for now.

know that the sun will shine again

The movie 'Little Miss Sunshine' is superb. Especially if you're in the right mood to be entertained by the misfortune of other people.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

this is what happens when I write the thoughts in my head.

I'm charged. I'm alive. I am who you are. Deep down in the bottomless pit of woes, screaming silently. I'm turning the pages of your life fifty pages at a time. It's confusing so I don't blame you. Your excuses make me sick, yet I feel pity.

Now that I am old, life has turned on me. The life I tried living and lived decided to move onto someone younger. Bah. We all knew this would happen.

Shine. It's time.


This is what happens when you forget.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

thinking about yesteryear

It's a tad cold in Belleville today which is a very wonderful break from the excessive heat this city possesses. I'm at home eating timbits because I'm too lazy to make a decent breakfast. Work starts in a few hours so I'm just relaxing. Ruth went off to get a haircut early this morning.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because Ruth and I are going to go explore this neat river. We have masks so that we can search for treasures underwater which will most likely be beer bottles but hey, the underwater world can surprise you.

Year two of my program begins soon. I'm looking forward to my return to post-secondary edumacation. It's also weird to think I will have a real job after this is all done. And I'm turning 21 next month. I guess I'm still young.


Friday, August 03, 2007

knocked down but not knocked out

These lyrics from Bleach's song 'Knocked Down' really hit home for me. They encapsulate how I've been feeling these past few days.

How did I get here all tied up
I'm all tied up
I never noticed or cared that much
Or cared that much
complacency has gotten the best of me
and the best of me is forgotten
beneath the sea of what I've become

and all that I've done I hope that it counts
I'd rather be knocked down
then to be knocked out
so I'll let go of what I know,
of what I've learned here in the past twenty years
my heart is frozen with meaningless motions
so I'll hold onto you
and all that I've done
I hope that it counts
I've been knocked down
but I'm not knocked out
and I'm at the bottom
can't get out
I've been knocked down

but not knocked out
not knocked out
and I will sing at the top of my lungs
I will dance even if I'm the only one
and i hope that we'll never be apart
and I will sing and I hope it heals my heart
yea I hope it heals my heart
how did I get here?
Save me from this.


Despite where I am in this life, I know I am not alone. Ever. And that is something worth holding on to.