Monday, November 26, 2007


With the age of the Internet ever so present and powerful, the way people communicate with each other has changed significantly.

MSN Messenger, Facebook, MySpace.

Each of these networking tools hold the ability to instantly communicate or relay a message with the desired person of your choice.

The numbers also lend credibility to these ‘organizations’. Facebook has over 55 million active members and over at MySpace, there are over 200 million accounts.

Frankly, I don’t understand why telephones exist anymore. With MSN Messenger, you can have your whole family on your friends list, passing along messages whenever you wish and not having to worry about long distance charges. While paying a small nominal fee for the Internet, the possibilities and features are endless, compared to the select few features on the phone.

Web sites, online newsletters and online bulletin boards can be updated at any second. All information and news can be posted in a second.

Yet, despite the age of the Internet, there are people who are not fully equipped with the knowledge to use it or people who do not want to change with the culture.

These people are in love with the tangible newspaper, the telephone and other material communication tools.

And that is understandable. People love what they can hold and touch.

But if they want to live in our ever-updating world, they will need to upgrade the way they communicate with others or they will be lost in translation.

The same thought carries over to newspapers. If they are unwilling to change with the times, they too will wither away and die.


Hey everyone, just thought I'd post something I've been thinking about. Hope you're doing well in whatever stage of life you breathe.

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