Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A collection of some things I've been pecking away at

*Editor's Note - The first is a song I recently wrote. The second is something I'm trying to desperately figure out.

I Want None Of This

Capo 3
A F# E

Verse 1:

Killing in God’s name
I want none of this
Stealing from the poor
I want none of this
Forgetting who you are
I want none of this


Could you look the other way while I try to hide?
Burying myself in a cloak of black

Verse 2:

And I forget sometimes
I want none of this
And I run all day
I want none of this
Far away from You
I want none of this

Bridge / Chorus

And all I can think of is you
Coming after me
The sound of your army
is louder than my cries

Copyright - Sean David McMullen

Luke 12:31 – A small look into something vast

“Seek first the kingdom of God above all else and you will be given everything you need.”

What does it mean to seek?

How do you seek? Is it through consistent prayer? Going to church? Reading your Bible? These all sound great and they are. Don’t get me wrong. But something tells my heart there is more to the kingdom than those things.

An online dictionary website provides nine examples of the word seek. Only several were helpful. Seek when used as a verb – to go in search or quest of is used as “to seek the truth.” Another example used is to try to find or discover by searching or questioning—to seek the solution to a problem.

I found an article on the Internet pertaining to this verse. David R. Bickel said, “The first step in understanding what it means to seek the kingdom of God is to determine what Jesus meant by "his kingdom." This is because Jesus used the word translated as kingdom in a way that is very different from the typical usage of kingdom in English as the land or people ruled by a king.”

Judging from the range of definitions for the word, seek is a verb. A pirate sought after the gold doubloons. I will seek the answer that baffles me.

However, in the context of the verse, can we seek out God on our own accord? Would we? By our most basic nature, we reject our Creator, so why would we seek Him and what he has to offer? We can do it ourselves, right?


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