Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I missing something?

I'm usually not a very content person. I often become obsessed with how I can upgrade my current job. I, like my fellow man, seek to find every flaw possible in my superior and how the work is carried out. I end up feeling frustrated, abused and exhausted (the joy's of physical labour). So is my answer to quit and move on to some other job where I will encounter the same set of logistic problems? I'm not entirely sure.

You see, when Ruth and I moved here in July, I had high hopes The Chronicle Herald would hire me full-time. I was fresh off a month of a stellar internship at the Belleville Intelligencer. I was hungry for stories and felt I had enough experience (combined with a year's work of campus reporting) to jump in the big pond. Unfortunately, this was not the case and I ended up landscaping for three weeks; the complete opposite of journalism. Needless to say, it upset me and I didn't do anything about it until the job started taking a toll physically on my body. I gave my boss a weeks notice. The excitement of leaving propelled me to start looking for journalistic employment. At the time, the Herald was looking for freelance photographers to shoot for their business/advertising department. Not quite what I was looking for but I figured it was better than nothing. And it looks good on my resume.

So I started taking picture of Herald clients. Shook hands, smiled and pressed click. Not bad money for two hours worth of work. Oh, I also had to find another job because this one wasn't steady. So after a few family connections and phone calls, I began working for Coca-Cola Bottling Enterprises. I was sure this job would be less difficult than weeding, mowing and sweating for 12 hours a day. I was wrong. You see, I expected to just be filling coolers in gas stations and such, but I was wrong again. It is the most physically demanding job I've ever had and it is destroying my body. I'm sure I won't stay after Christmas which means I have to quit and find another job. I guess I'm establishing a pattern in my life. Ideally, I would like to be a full-time journalist but that just doesn't seem realistic in Nova Scotia. All j-work opportunity lies in the West and we're not sure we want to move so far away from both families. So, it seems I am stuck. And feeling stuck is a feeling that is hard to shake off.

So to keep my mind fresh, I began editing my sister's Grade 10 English papers. I'm actually keeping my average above 90 per cent which is good. I am also sporadically writing in a book I someday hope to publish. Yeah.

Ok, that's it for today.

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