Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last summer in Pugwash, N.S., my cousin Iain McDougall and I were diving in a small river off the Northumberland Strait looking for anything that caught our fancy. We found a couple of old beer bottles (the short stubby ones) dating back to the 1960s, some golf balls (new and old) and shards of pottery. I was interested in the broken shards. Most of the pieces were unrecognizable due to the strong ocean currents battering them around. Also, the river we were swimming in or rather drifting, was a river where the tide went up and down twice a day. We would dive when the tide was low to increase our chances of finding something. This is a shard of what I found.

Since this was my first piece of pottery with a ceramic mark still on it, I was ecstatic. Half the mark was missing, so I conducted a little research and discovered the mark was printed in 1935 and was probably off an old plate or mug. It was like solving a mystery!

I hope you enjoyed this.

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