Monday, June 11, 2007

can't think of a song title

It came to me last night. Mr. Song. I'm pretty happy about it. I thought I'd share it with you folks. I'll even put the chords and all. But don't think about making it your own! Also, I don't think I have ever blogged my own personal work. So don't laugh.

Capo 3, (Title unknown)

Verse 1 - When you're alone, I'm beside you (D, Em, G)
When you're alone, I'm here (D, Em, G)
And when you're feeling like all is gone D, Em, G)
Don't give up, have no fear (D, A, D)

Verse 2 - As you sit there by yourself (D, Em, G)
Don't forget who you are (D, Em, G)
And just when it seems that the world is lost (D, Em, G)
Remember that I still care (D, A, D)

Chorus - When you walked outside that door (F, C)
You took on the weight of the world (F, C)
It pushed you down but I picked you up (F, Am)
And now you finally see... (Bb, G)

Verse 3 - ...Just what it feels like to forget everything (D, Em, G)
Isn't that what you wanted? (D, Em, G)
Now I'm confused and traveling (D, Em, G)
Along this endless road I'm on (D, Em, G)

Bridge - And I just need some water and a place to rest (D, Em, G)
Please come and rescue me (D, A, D)

Chorus2 - Now I hear you coming down (F, C)
It sounds like a million trains (F, C)
I'm at the end of this rugged rope (F, Am)
And I'm the only one to blame (Bb, G)

Verse 4 - But you saved me, saved me (D, Em, G)
From the depths of my despair (D, Em, G)
Forever grateful, I am yours (D, Em, G)
I'll always be right here (D, A, D)


  1. I like it. Not sure if I'm playing it right, but I like it.

  2. Hey Sean,

    Just wanted to drop a word of encouragement about writing/composing music. Keep it up! Are you writing the lyrics first, and then the music, viceversa, or both at the same time?

    I agree with you about 'Ringing Bell', quite the album! I hope all is well with you and Ruth. Glad I had a chance to stop by your little corner of the web!

    Ps. I love the window shot.