Monday, June 04, 2007

feel like my life is being strummed with a hard pick

Having a job is a funny thing. Working to live is our punishment isn't it? So then I don't understand people who love their job... I don't think anyone can truly love their work because we are human and we stress out. Anyway, not sure where that thought was going. My job lately has been a blessing from God. He came through as always and I am trying to be grateful by not complaining while working. Oh, I work for a Christian bookstore in Belleville called New Vision, but really I'm helping the owner's husband at his house doing renovations and landscaping. We recently finished the first part of a deck and this week, we'll be fixing up his garage. Argh argh argh.

In my personal life, I've dove into a myriad of new bands. I'm willing to listen to anything except rap and country. No one likes that music anyway. I'm really diggin' the new Derek Webb record 'The Ringing Bell'. I'm still heavy into Muse and re-listening to the White Stripes all over again and falling in love with them!

Reading over what I just wrote makes me realize how dull my writing is! It makes me laugh. I guess I need to be practicing more.

Man, it's hot in Belleville but it's cool tonight.

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  1. ya gotta give country a chance. It can be sooo good.