Friday, August 24, 2007

rocket to the moon and swing around for some more

As usual, I write the vast majority of these blogs in my boxers. Why?... A curious fellow might ask that very same question. The answer is not an easy one to cough up. Maybe it's the complete and absolute freedom I experience from being in this state. Come on internet junkies, you know this all to be true. OK, this blog rant is going nowhere.

In case there was a slight chance you were wondering what music I was listening to right now, I'll tell you... later.

For some reason in my blogs, I also like to mention the current weather conditions and I like to start with 'Man'. Man it is humid in Belleville tonight.

Sufjan Stevens music is becoming more constant in my life. Oh, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy's voice always puts me in state of drifting aimlessly, contemplating life in all it's greatness. Yeah. Neil Young's album Rust Never Sleeps is also a good one. Umm, Bleach as well circa Again for the first time.

I had a tooth pulled yesterday. A back molar. I thought I was going to scream as he was yanking it out but I didn't. I whimpered in the dentist's chair. Who's the man now? Not a pleasant experience.

I work tomorrow from 12-8.

I love my family and I think about them every day I'm alive.

The boxers are gray.

The beard is coming back.

That is all the random trivia I've got for now.

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