Tuesday, March 06, 2007

it's probably around that time

Listening to: the chatter of the classroom

Hey! It's been a long time everyone! I've just finished my reading week which was enjoyable...mainly due to the fact that I watched every 'Heroes' episode. Oh and I inherited a nasty cold from my lovely wife which I'm still suffering from.

I finally received my loan from Nova Scotia. Yep.

Umm..something that's been on my heart lately: I'm missing the friendship of a guy. I don't have many close friends in Belleville. Ruth is awesome but you know, it's different. I really miss my friend Luke. It's too bad he left. Anyway, if anyone would pray for me that God would help me find a friend, it would be superb.

I've got photography in a couple hours. It should be good. We're studying studio photography today.

Thanks to those who check this blog on a regular basis. I'm sorry I've let you down each time you click the link to the site or type in the address.


  1. The beauty of blogs is that there is no obligations, Sean. Don't worry about C-Box, it was just an open offer. Glad you had a great time in the Croft. :)

  2. Oh my Sean, how I miss you. I'm glad to see you blogged again, though I entirely understand sporadic nature of the blogger. I will pray for you dude, i know how you feel. I wish you guys were here, or there were some way of creating a home in a vortex and forcing your nearest and dearest to be sucked in as well. God knows though, as hard and intangible as it feels sometimes. I hope to visit sometime... i'm seriously toying with the idea of hitchhiking... anyway, i miss you dude, you are great. peace