Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've been tagged...I guess I'm getting fat

Hmm... five things that people don't know about me. This could be hard because some people know me better than others, so I will try to make this as universal as possible.

1. I'm chronically indecisive by nature. Wait, no...

2. When I was a child, I rolled off my bed and hit the edge of the heater with my left eye, causing a scar to emerge.

3. I turn off the christian radio station in my car if I'm drivng non-christian friends around frankly because the music in Belleville is terrible. Why would I submit my friends to listen to music I wouldn't listen to myself? I used to feel guilty but not anymore. I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't like Zoegirl either.

4. I stood at the foot of the Abraham Lincoln statue in Washington D.C.

5. I used to look through people's trash for valuables. Not food garbage though.

Since I'm on the path to self-discovery, I want to continue and lets face it, who doesn't enjoy reading?

6. I am in love with cloudy, dark skies.

7. I attempted to jump over a river last week and didn't make it.

8. I scream like a girl when I'm frightened. Example time!: Ruth, Nicole and I were driving through Algonquin Park and we hit a partridge. Feathers went flying everywhere and I screamed like a girl.

9. I like saying "I want to start a band" but I never go through with it.

10. I have seen an eel face-to-face underwater. It was at least six feet long.

That's it. Hope you have been enlightened.


  1. awesome! i like numbers 6 and 9, since they are true of me also. i miss you, champ. I'll figure out a visit one of these days, just as soon as i learn to hitchhike. love you, bro. peace

    I laughed OUT LOUD all alone in my basement when I read this post.
    I've never hit a bird before, but I'm sure that I would be screaming along with you. maybe even crying.
    still. your story is halarious.
    take care amigo.

  3. I don't think Jesus would like Zoegirl either.