Monday, August 28, 2006

soon (I love spiderman)

I love that word. The procastinators favorite word. I'll be going to school soon. I'm extremely unsure of what my year holds for me. Better yet, what life holds for me. Being married is fun I will say. Always having a friend around to hang out with or fight constantly with certainly keeps you on your toes. I no longer have to worry about first impressions with other females which is a nice feeling. I'll just be myself. Take it or leave it.

This weekend was a good grain of amusement. Jason the Premseler came down from Whitby! Luke and Matt went to pick him up of Friday. Hanging out again was just like the old days only I'm married. We went out to East Side Marios that friday night and I think the waitress was hitting on me. I only knew that because all my lovely friends told me that she was. I guess being married also makes you oblivious to outside female contact. Also, all girls I see don't even compare with the eternal beauty of my amazing wife Ruth. She's great.

I'd like to say to Luke if you read this that I really enjoyed web-slinging this weekend through New York with you. Fighting the cronies and baddies was enjoyable to say the least. I'm looking forward to the coming weekends as well. I will now ehhhhhhhhhhh call you

This is all I care to write right now.


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  1. hey bro! its matt here, i miss you and ruth! nice blog you got here very nice keep it updated. i hope school goes well and that you and ruth find sweet jobs and you guys will be fine cause gods always lookin after you, everythin happens for a reason. anwyays im just sayin hey and love ya guys