Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This one's for luke

Ah the chance to blog again. Tis so sweet. Ok, this time I'm excited. Now that I have a fully capable computer to use, I am going to try this online stuff. People seem to enjoy themselves on it. They write down whatever they feel which could be a good thing. Most likely, some are excercising their own literal demons and others such as myself like to drag on about petite things during the course of our day. I like it because it's a way to keep in touch with friends and also gain new ones. Maybe they were interested in what you said and you could divulge a bit for them or they just want to read what you wrote. Either or, blogging can be fun. But with great power, as Uncle Ben said to Pete, comes great responsibility. Although I doubt it. Having great power, well is just a nice thing to have in my opinion. Uncle Ben should have said "Just have some fun!"...

I have been listening to this catchy song lately - perhaps you've heard it? Steady as she goes by the raconteurs. Jack White's new band. It's easy listening tunes. Not classical nor complicated but simple rack n roll. go to it's good. if you don't like then complain.

oh yeah! i'm also working on a new song. key of E (the one I sing in easiest). sounds pretty.

have a good day parousing other peoples blogs fellow readers.


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  1. awww i'm touched that you would dedicate this post to me... just for that i shall add a link to your blog on my own blog... anyway, call me sometime this weekend... peace