Saturday, November 25, 2006

i've been listening to a mockingbird lately

"I'm in love. Never been so sure of anything. Then again, could be a tumour in my brain."

ok so I'm in love with Derek Webb's music. That's a line from "Mistake of my life" from Caedmon's "Long Line of Leavers" album. I thought I'd use it to describe my view on his music.

To be honest, I've been challenged in my faith more by listening to Dereks latest album "Mockingbird" than I have by the pastors in the various churches I have been to in the last couple months. He's fresh and his music does not fit the christian norm which I'm quite happy about. Christian music is bland and unoriginal, well most of it but there are a few artists who are turning it around. Check out andrew osenga. He used to be in a band called the Normals and now he's lead guitarist in Caedmons (filling the spot leftover by D.Webb). He just put out a full length cd called "The Morning" which rocks. It is funny and introspective.

Guys like AndyO and D.Webb are making music that takes talent and skill. They're not making music that is blatantly Christian and every "Christian" song doesn't have to be. People today are interested in the music more than what is being said and I think many Christian artists are falling behind in this category. People like Tim Hughes or Matt Redman are pumping out bland worship songs that are unoriginal but please the Christian masses. We need more Christian artists who are willing to create good music so the Gospel can be preached through it. And you don't need to write songs like "Days of Elijah" (which I hate with a passion due to theological issues) or "Better Is One Day" to get out your message. Moderen Christian praise and worship music is dying. We need to change our tune.

If I offend anyone, I'd love to hear feedback. I love an argument.

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