Tuesday, November 14, 2006

somewhere north of here...

Yes, I know I stole the title from Caedmon's Call song but I couldn't help it. This weekend, my wife and I are taking the long trek up north to celebrate her birthday at her home! I've got the presents bought and I've been working to finish as much school work as possible so that I won't have to worry about it this weekend. I'll probably be more thankful then, rather than I am now!

I just drank some Five Alive (Citrus). Oh so good. I'm watching Season Six of Friends and Ross has just lied to Rachel about getting an annulment on their marriage. I love this show.

Ruth is ironing a shirt for work tomorrow and I'm only wearing one sock.

We're also looking forward to seeing Lukas this weekend. It's been a while and I'm excited to show him my beard I've been growing.

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  1. and i most certainly am excited to see your beard you've been working on:) haha looking forward to seeing you on Friday. hope you got my email and can find my stuff at the Mackay's. peace bro