Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a little webb told me

I began to grow a beard. It is bushy and itchy. It doesn't really look all that cool. I look deranged. My hair continues to lengthen so really, I look like a really manly girl. Now that my facial progress has been stated, I thought I'd share with you bloggers some interesting news...

I wrote Derek Webb an email yesterday. To my sheer surprise, I received a response from David McCollum, who works for dryve artist managment. Here is what he said.

- Hey there, Derek sent this over to me as he is on the West Coast right now and has had little internet access, but wanted for me to at least get back to you and say thanks for the kind words and know we’d love to get up North at some point, the economics always play a factor as you can imagine. Please keep an eye on his schedule and we’ll do our best to get there at some point.


dryve artist management, llc
P.O. Box 682546
Franklin, TN 37067

I thought that was worth posting. Now the validity of this still has yet to be determined. I am waiting for a second reply to the response I sent earlier today.

I'm curious about the first line. He said Derek sent this over to him. Does that mean Derek read it but did not respond or does David receive all emails sent to Derek first? I hope he writes back.

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