Monday, October 02, 2006

and I thought I had it bad

sometimes I just need to shut up. Why do I worry about how "bad" my life is? It is not healthy. Today I was driving down Sydney St. and I saw a woman confined to a motorized wheelchair. That was her main transportation. Me? I have a car to get me where I want. She didn't look like a complainer to me. She seemed content. Why am I not content? Maybe I have too many things. The more you have, the more you worry about. I wonder how Mr. Trump feels?

I also saw a boy who obviously suffered from a mental illness.
A blind man walked past me.
A deaf man could listen to the pastor speak. (sign language is such an amazing tool)

And here I am worrying about foolish things like money. I don't worry about those people. It's all about me which is sad. It seems that my wants are in the wrong place. Yesterday, as I was walking home from Parkdale Baptist, I saw a pine tree. It was green and healthy. I looked underneath the tree and saw thousands of brown, dead ones. They fell off the tree. I know this analogy is cliche but it is a good reminder. Cling to the Branch!

{A correction to the last post - "Halo next week" should have read "I got Super Mario RPG! Flippin' sweet!"}

I enjoyed newspage and design today. I think I'm finally starting to understand it which is an answer to prayer. Thank you God.

Ruth is at work until 4 p.m. today so I'm going to burn some cds and all the pictures I have on this computer onto a DVD-R disk because it holds 4 gigs.

I will continue my Mario quest today and then maybe venture down to chumleighs to exchange the crappy controller they gave me and perhaps pick up mario kart for snes seeing as my other copy is in Africa...God bless those kids..... :(

Well thats it for now.

listening to: basketcase - green day
mistake of my life - caedmons call


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