Sunday, January 07, 2007

city rain, city streets

I am currently importing my Bleach album 'Astronomy' onto my iTunes. Bleach are sadly now broken up but in their rocking out era, they delivered some mega cool tunes. My favorite album is the one with the picture of the couch on the front.

I've been thinking about past friendships lately and how much I miss them, despite their length of existence. I remember one particular evening where some KLBC'ers hung out at Vaniers/Dents place. Todd and I were playing the guitar, jamming and singing about whatever and I regret not getting to know Todd better.

Same goes with Jerry B. While we could talk about similiar interests and share a little bit about ourselves and faith, I never took the opportunity to hang out with him outside of school. And for that I am sorry. I also know you read this blog Jerry so we should make time to hang out in Pbo. I'm only an hour and a half away!

Plans for today:
- Go for a walk because when will be the next time I can walk in this warm January?
- Upload more albums onto my iTunes.
- Read the Word and meditate on the beauty of it.
- Play guitar and maybe a bit of 'Age of Empires II'

Good day everyone. I am going to go deep fry potato slices. MmHmm.

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  1. 1.5 hours? I thought you were up in manawahanahsasdlkja or whatever. Maybe I need to read your blog more thoroughly.

    Yes, we should hang out. Soon.