Saturday, January 06, 2007

free until they cut me down

Listening to: Donovan Frankenreiter - All Around Us

It's been almost week since I've been back in blog land. Tsk tsk. Well school starts again Monday. I'm kind of dreading it but it's probably nervous nerves.

Listening to: Iron and Wine - Fever Dream

Now that I'm writing out my blog and trying to think what words I should type down, I feel somewhat depressed because what should I care to share? A blog is very impersonal for many people. Well it is for me. I wouldn't write down my deepest and most dark thoughts for everyone to read because I feel that would be a cheap way of gaining sympathy or empathy, which I don't want. It's a nice feeling to see someone commented on my blog because they took the time to at least half-read it. The comment box creates a feeling of being wanted or appreciation.

Listening t0: Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual

It's unsual that I'm listening to this man.

Listening to: Ben Harper - Strawberry Fields Forever

Is living easy with your eyes closed? Every time Ben sings that line, I think to myself, "The Beatles, while legendary, were cracked!" I know I'm not looking into what it really means but maybe that is the meaning. There is nothing to get hung about so I won't worry.

Good day all.


  1. hey seanny boi beagle, i like reading you blogs they keep me up to date with you. Im lovin your cd you burnt me, i love the sarah harmer song shes great. keep it easy bra if ya ever need some support i'm here! haha(guess what i said in that phrase) ok i'll talk to ya later

  2. If nothing else, blogs can be great things to help us keep track of our own lives, especially considering how fast they go by.

    I've found that a little vulnerability in blog-land can be a good thing - especially when you share things that will challenge and encourage others to be more real, more godly, and more transparent.

    That being said, it's never easy to do it.