Wednesday, January 24, 2007

only hope

I've been putting this off since Sunday. It's funny...I feel somewhat obliged to write in this blog. Well here goes thoughts for the past three days.

Life is pretty mundane in Belleville, especially during the winter. When I'm not at school studying, I'm at home writing or trying to keep myself occupied. And on top of that, I have no real close friends in town, not like friends I used to hang out with back in Halifax. It seems life in Belleville is stale and I'm turning into mold. I'm convinced now that unhappiness stems from lack of Bible reading. If you don't water your roots, you wither away...well at least I know I am.

On the up and up, Ruth and I went to a small group Bible study in Stirling with some friendsd this past Sunday evening. I forgot how good it is to be in Christian company. God was stirring the calm pool of unwillingness that I was laying in and it felt good to be moved. I realized that night how little I really know and that I hide behind this small knowledge of the basics. Writing this makes me miss KLBC greatly.

The grand thing about all of this is that God is still waiting for me to give myself up so He can move in and start setting His plans for me in my heart. I think my problem truly lies within my mind. I don't trust Him as my only hope. My hope lies in how much cash I have or the education I receive, thinking those things will define me. I am so wrong. Incredibly wrong.

To conclude from this, I ask you the question I ask myself: Is God your only hope?

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  1. *jerry throws on some switchfoot, (because mandy moore butchered "only hope")*

    Don't just ask yourself the question, Shawn... Up! Up! Up and do something about it! :)

    I'll be praying.