Friday, September 29, 2006

where the shadow met the sun

hmm. today I think I will pursue a gaming console of some kind and pick up groceries so I can eat. my grandma is coming over soon to drop off some vegetables. i probably should be eating healthier than mr.noodles. he's not nice to the digestive system over a period of time.

anyway, matt and luke, if you guys read this, i hope you're having a grand ol' time in W.V! we miss seeing you this weekend! say hello to andy for me!

oh matt, U2 put out a new dvd this week. ZOOTV is awesome. Bono and Co. look hilarious in some of their costumes. Halo next week?....

and luke (a.k.a. Biggie) apparantly there is a female version of Harvest moon for Playstation. i'm going to chumleighs to look for it. hahah ruth just said "'re going to chumleighs?..." oops better run!


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  1. so what exactly does Mr. Noodles do to you?