Sunday, December 31, 2006

according to Val

I watched a movie today called 'Masked and Anonymous'. It came out three years ago and starred Bob Dylan alongside many popular actors. The movie in whole was terrible but there were some interesting points brought out by the characters. Here's a snippet from the movie.

Jack Fate (Bob Dylan): "Beautiful animals."

Animal Wrangler (Val Kilmer): "They don't have time to bother with the success of getting rich, don't have fantasies of glory, don't borrow money to buy things to decrease the value of while they own it, see, they are beautiful because they just are. They do what they do. Lion don't try to be a tiger; rabbit don't try to do an impression of a monkey. They don't try to be what they are not. Not like us, we human beings. The cheetah, the tiger, the snake, the monkey, the baboon, the muskrat, the bobcat, the pig that's fat, the hippo, the rhino, the dodo, the honey badger, the slithy toad, each one, each perfect in their own original form. Then man came in. Who created him, or for what purpose, is still a mystery. Why is he here? It's a mystery. We know he's trespassing, doesn't know his own place. Of course he doesn't know his own place, he doesn't have one. Man, the bear hunter, the fur trapper, the deer chaser, the baby seal clubber, the dolphin snagger, lowest form of existence, lowest form of existence... He goes around sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. The zoo, the aquarium, they are prisons for the animals, those animals can't learn anything from man, man don't have a thing to teach them. I don't even like looking at human beings, they disgust me so much with their atom bombs, their blow-dryers, their automobiles. They build hospitals as a shrine to the diseases they create. Human beings, along with their secrets, masked and anonymous... If I see a crack in the sidewalk, to me it's more beautiful than any human being. A crack in the mud at the bottom of a sun dried dead lake, I count that more beautiful than any human being. You know what I mean?"

Jack Fate: "Yeah, I know what you mean; it's kind of like a curse being born."

This movie is for Dylan fans only and even then it's confusing. Happy New Year!

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  1. What about the Dylan curious? :P