Sunday, December 31, 2006

the odd Communicator

I am back. My wife and I left for Nova Scotia a week ago yesterday. And it was one of those weeks in my life which surpassed my expectations. I reconnected with old friends and created new memories with my family. I saw who I needed to see and slept very little. The week was short but was even shorter due to all the fun we had. I never realized how great a family I had until I left home over seven months ago. Funny how that works. Advice to future home leavers: Love your parents and siblings and leave on good terms.

My first semester at Loyalist ended Dec. 15. and I passed all my courses which made my holidays a bit brighter! This next semester is supposed to be extremely challenging but highly rewarding. I don't know what to think really about that yet. I am nervously excited.

And now in Sean's spiritual life: God is good to me daily and I'm starting to realize it more. If you can, thank God for every crappy thing that happens to you in your day because He's only testing you out. It is an odd way of communication but at least He's talking to you. How sweet is that? I'll take a conversation in any shape or form with Him anytime.

Early in the morning it is. Off to bed I head.

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