Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh Luke, how we miss thee

This one makes me laugh everytime I see it. European is the worst adjective you could get. It only works if you're from Europe. Luke looks so confused!

I look like an bum who just got a free coffee from Luke. He's thinking, "Man, will this weirdo leave me alone now?"
Two very photogenic people. They are happy the scraggly bum is gone now. And Luke is subtlety giving the middle finger... How rude!


  1. hahahahahaha i laughed and laughed. european.... hahaha and man, scraggly bum... that is eloquence at its finest. i am completely convinced that your wit and vocabulary will take you far in the writing world, wherever that may be:) and i'm not even being sarcastic... i love you guys and i'm counting down the days now!!! peace

  2. sean...

    for a scraggly bum...

    you write well

    EDUCATED scraggly bum...