Sunday, December 10, 2006

scraggles makes an appearance


  1. Hey seanny boy how goes it? Man you have been going on about derek webb and dropping quotes and talking about songs for months now. Do you listen to anything else? Anyways hope that you guys have a great christmas when will I ever see you again. Going to be in ontario for a couple hours on the weekend on my way through to regina for josh docksteaders wedding. Anyways peace out.
    P.s. I do listen to someone besides U2 I hadnt listened to them for a while before te last little bit.

  2. oh Seanzi... i guess that's how it's spelled... I talked about you with Allison Churchill on the weekend and i missed you. good to read more blogs from you. You have no idea how much i miss you guys, and i can't wait to see you in a few weeks! take care, Lord bless and p.s. i'm almost done lego star wars:P

  3. oh yeah, and did you guys buy Apples to Apples? i still haven't found anyone to play it with me here yet... oh well:P