Saturday, September 16, 2006


my philosophy is this: don't dream big if you're not going to think big. why torture yourself with "maybe's" and "what ifs"? why do you not take seriously those dreams and aspirations? i'm confused. people will take seriously the mediocrity that life hands them yet when a chance comes along that could able them to pursue their dream, they shrug it off, prefering to stay in their comfortable crap bubble they've built around themselves. i want to play guitar in a band. i want to write music and sing my songs. i want to be affirmed of my talent. i want to see cities around the world. i don't care which one as long as it's not in eastern canada. maybe rome or moscow.

i'm torn inside. i'm confused about life. i'm a slow learner. i'm afraid of what i cannot see. i'm a doubting thomas. and that's ok for now.


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