Sunday, September 03, 2006

what a wonderful weekend

oh I had the greatest time in a long time this weekend. I just want to state that I love (in no particular order), Jay, Luke and Matt. Remember the flying fox? More like the flying caterpillar! Also trying to jump up onto a bar which I sadly and hilariously enough could not make everytime. I thouroughly enjoyed hiding when Nicki and Nic-kol-la (haha) came back from Tim Hortons. Sneaking around is well...sneaky. The next day was wonderful as well. What can I say? Chumleighs, Stinky Bizarro Chumleighs, parousing around downtown Belleville with true blue buddies and of course creating Jay's costume (Luke, all I have to say is FELT). Which reminds me, can you pick up a Red Gold Plated Crown with the words inscribed "I'm Yo King"? Thanks! All of us later went back to Matt's house to fellowship with eachother. Dinner was good and so was the rest of the stuff ;). We stayed up way too late watching friends season 2 but it was still fun. I really enjoyed talking with Luke late last night. I always felt comfortable with him. I love ya man! My wife and her best friend Nicole stayed at our place while I hung out the night at the Mackays. The first night apart! Egads. ehhhhh it was ok.

well till then,


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