Monday, September 11, 2006

it's amazing how much it hurts

oh man. this day really picked me up. my dad came to visit Ruth and I. we have been looking forward to this day for a long time. actually since my family left to go back home in august. it was short but sweet. i went to class this morning while dad and ruth hung out, then they came and rescued me. We went to quiznos for lunch where i had too many hot peppers. they killed my stomach! i was then dropped back off at school for a class i didn't have to be at. i hate that. after school was finished for the day, they came and picked me up and dad and i dropped ruth off at home so she could bake her delicious apple crisp. then dad and i went to the mall and hung out. father/son time. we walked around various outlets and then walked into old navy where he bought me a great beige jacket. it is very chique. he also bought me some t-shirts that i liked.
thanks dad :) . we then went back to pick up ruth and headed off to grandmas to vist. from there we went to east side marios and had a great dinner together. dad got kung pao chicken which wasn't hot until he had a bite of my chicken cacciatore. he gave me gifts from my family - lindsay gave me a lovely card, matt gave me a cd from the raconteurs, ryan bought me a future shop gift card, and mom and dad gave me a card and a derek webb dvd. thank you thank you. after supper, we went back to our place for apple crisp which was amazing. we chatted and looked at pictures and talked to mom/lindsay on webcam. and then before you knew it, we were hugging dad goodbye...i didn't cry right away. its painful you know, you wait all this time for a day you think will last forever and then its over. when ruth and i got back inside, we cried. and laughed at our kittens. i hope dad has a safe drive back to toronto tonight. i'm sure he will. we can't wait to see him again and the rest of my amazing family. i really miss my dad a lot tonight.

I love you very much Dad, Mom, Ryan, Matthew, Lindsay.
you're always on our minds.


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