Sunday, September 24, 2006

family of five

ok. picture this for a reality show. it's like big brother only way cooler.
show title: family of five
contestants - 10 year old Brazilian girl
- Russian Cosmonaut
- Nazi
- Sucessful Chinese Business Man
- White trash female

the contestants would participate in a series of games such as three-leg races, iron man triathalons and tag. of course there would be no real point to the games, it would just be a test of each contestants patience and sanity. each week the members of the house would write down who they would want to vote out of the house on a piece of paper and then be forced to trash it. no one gets voted out in this game. the game would go on forever. of course the games dynamics would change because the 10 year old Brazilian girl would get older, the russian might learn some english and the white trash and chinese business man would most likely get married and have half-white trash semi-sucessful business children.

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