Tuesday, September 05, 2006

is it really what I want?

I can't pass judgment on today simply because it was only the first day. I can tell you however that I have never felt more alone in a long time until today. At lunch, everyone was supposed to go to the field and grab a sandwich. I went with the hope of perhaps meeting someone and that did not happen. I guess I lack the courage to interact with stangers. Then I asked myself this question, "Is it such a big ordeal to walk to up to somebody and say "Hey, how are you"? Well to me it is. I was terrified. Everyone is nervous yes, but not like me. My insecurity comes out of me like sweat. I really do want to hang out with new people but I'd rather not do all the pre-friendship stuff. Tomorrow I have a chance to make new friends. The journalism classes are going to the Frinc Centre and are to spend the day getting to know each other. I'm fine with that. We're carpooling to go there and I'm bringing our car. Most likely I'll play some cool hip music so that whoever rides with me think I'm cool. Very junior-highesh in my opinion but hey, whatever. I miss my family and friends.


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  1. hey Sean
    dude i'm praying for ya man. sorry for abandoning you to the masses. you're gonna make friends dude...just uh...don't mention rita...yknow...it worked once but maybe new material is in order :) i love ya bro