Tuesday, September 05, 2006

here on the verge

here I am. Underneath everything, I am honestly anxious and frightened about what tomorrow holds in store. You see I am going to college again. This time I'm going to be studying Print Journalism. Why? I don't really know yet, maybe for the neat status of being a "journalist". I respond to people who ask what I want to do with it that I want to fuse both my love for music and writing together and see what becomes of it but really, I'm just a fellow human trying to make his own way in this world. I feel like I'm walking through a valley that I've created. My mountains are "what I should do" and my path is flithy with doubt and fear. This leads to the cave of uncertainty. My clouds are grey with animosity towards the very institute that will teach me. I don't know why I feel this way. I guess I'd rather be spending time with close friends and family, learning from them. I'd like to go on adventures to exotic regions around the globe or go to any band concert I want. An education and money really determine a lot in our secular world today. It's too bad. If only those people would realize that everything in this world will not last. At least I know that much. Take that thought with you today.


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